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“I’d recommend him 100 times over. He will provide an instant upgrade to your team and how you lead.”

My name is Dr. Dave Miles. I hold a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and my work concentrates on Leadership & Human Resource Development. I specialize in training & equipping your leaders to develop others – driving organizational results.

Leadership | Communication | Engagement

Helping Leaders Build Amazing Teams

Do you ever experience communication challenges, siloed departments, or lack of a truly engaged workforce?

Do things just seem like they don’t get done in as timely of a manner as they should or you just have that “gut feeling” that your team could be performing better? There are three core concepts within organizations that I am absolutely passionate about for a successful company culture: Leadership, Communication, and Engagement

We work with Senior Leadership Teams breaking down silos, improving communication, building a robust leadership culture, engaging (or re-engaging) their workforce through development of their leaders and staff.

This helps to increase overall employee engagement, and reduce the negative effects of turnover in your organization. I utilize time-tested practices which are proven to create efficiency by engaging employees, alleviating stress on management, improving organizational culture, and retaining top talent.


Speaking and Workshops

Dr. Dave Miles and his team can deliver keynote speeches, host Lunch and Learn programs, facilitate CEO Round-Tables, Strategic Planning sessions and much more.


Assessment Tools

Utilizing the best in validate and reliable assessment tools, we rely on tools specially designed to help you assess yourself, your team, and your entire organization.


Mastermind Courses

All our services to your organization are customized to improve your strengths and capitalize on your opportunities for growth.


Consulting Services

Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation can help you assess your team, your division, or your entire organization. 


Executive & Team Coaching

To learn how you think, understand your perspective, and help you reach your personalized goals is what Dr. Dave Leadership Corp does.


Strategic Planning

Looking for a professional facilitator for your next board retreat to update and review your current strategic plan? We have had great results! Contact us for more details.

Are You ready to Act?

Executive-level or senior leader? Tired of the hassle & headaches as you see your best performers struggle or walk out the door? Tired of the siloed departments and communication challenges? Thinking your business should be performing better with the staff and resources you have? 

I’d love to connect with you- I am always just a phone call away. 


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