Insights for Your Organization

Build a productive and highly engaged organization
with Dr. Dave’s proprietary Insights Suite™

The Strategic Plan You Want With the Execution You Need

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Reveal the Stressors Causing Employee Disengagement

Is your team unenthusiastic, uncooperative, or unproductive?

Do you see office-wide unhappiness without being able to pinpoint its source?


With ORGANIZATION INSIGHTS, you’ll get Dr. Dave’s assessment of seven areas of potential pitfalls and an in-depth analysis of your office’s structure and organization. You’ll learn the sources of your teams’ stress and how to address them to rebuild the performance, morale, and productivity of your team.

After ORGANIZATION INSIGHTS, you’ll have a roadmap for fixing the problems that held your team back for years. Your team will work with renewed satisfaction, happiness, and productivity.

Hire the Best Candidate for your Job 

Do your new hires often and inexplicably fail? Does your team have a disturbingly high churn rate?


With CANDIDATE INSIGHTS, you’ll get a scientific system for removing conscious and unconscious biases in the hiring process. Using a custom-created job benchmark, you’ll compare your applicants’ skills point by point against the skills needed for the position.

After CANDIDATE INSIGHTS, you’ll attractand retaintop candidates for your positions. You’ll save time and money with a streamlined hiring process that cuts new employee ramp-up time in half. Your team will enjoy improved morale and productivity.

Improve Your Presentation Skills with Behavioral Science

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Ready to build a productive and highly engaged organization?

Here’s how it works.

Step #1

Call Dr. Dave to discuss your unique organizational and individual challenges and goals.

Step #2

Partner with Dr. Dave to diagnose the issues and design a customized plan for your organization.

Step #3

Dr. Dave will guide your organization as the plan is executed step-by-step.

Step #1

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