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Helping leaders increase productivity and enhance engagement throughout their organization.

If you’re like most leaders,

creating a motivated team seems challenging at times.


You don't have the time.

With your daily responsibilities, it isn’t possible to personally train everyone on your staff.



The issues are complex.

When it comes to improving communication and motivation within the organization, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start.



Staff turnover is costly.

Recruiting and retaining staff is increasingly difficult once employees start leaving, making it nearly impossible to achieve professional growth and the organization’s long-term goals. 


Teams have a trust deficit.

Leaving communication problems unchecked will be frustrating to both employees and managers, creating a culture of confusion, trust deficit, and turnover in your teams.


Dr. Dave is a leadership expert, professional speaker, & organizational development consultant who helps business leaders identify and solve the costly problems of poor employee engagement and high turnover.

Dr. Dave and his team can help reveal organizational roadblocks potentially preventing peak performance.

If there is communication friction within your team or other potential roadblocks, we will partner with you every step of the way to implement a customized plan and get your team back on track.

As a result of their customized “Insights” programs, your staff will have clarity regarding their role in the company’s future and be motivated to play their part.

Leaders will be able to break down silos, effectively communicate across departments and teams in order to increase productivity and help make the company’s mission a reality.

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Dr. Dave and his team build productive and highly engaged organizations with their proprietary Insights Suite™


Leadership Insights™

Discover and Leverage Unrevealed Traits for Executive and Leadership Teams.


Organization Insights™

Reveal Organizational Roadblocks Preventing Peak Performance.


Workgroup Insights™

Combination Teambuilding and Qualitative Analysis Tool for Teams at Any Level.


Self Insights™

Professional Self-Discovery and Development Journey.


Candidate Insights™

Patented Candidate Selection Process Utilizing People Analytics.

The team at Dr. Dave Leadership Corporation can customize the solutions within the Insights Suite to fit your custom needs.  We also are skilled at strategic planning and other training, facilitation, and emcee services.

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"Dr. Miles is high on my list of people I wish I could work with daily.

Dave Miles knows leadership. His enthusiasm for sharing good ideas and teaching sound principles is clear in everything he says and does. Having collaborated with a diverse range of very talented leaders in several industries, Dr. Miles is high on my list of people I wish I could work with daily.”

Wayne David Hubbard
Operations Supervisor
Federal Aviation Administration

"David is an extraordinary, motivating, enticing, speaker!

I met him at a Toastmater speech contest. His invigorating MC leadership style is what kept me & everyone else engaged, as he motivated everyone to encourage each other. If you’re looking for a professional individual to lead events with pizzaz, draw the interest of the audience, and come out on time… David is your guy!”

Orlando Valentin, CAMP, CSM, ITIL
Vice President of Operational Risk
Consultant at Wells Fargo Bank

"Dr. Dave Miles and his Critical Alignment of Boards was an outstanding program.

Dr. Miles was super superlative of my board’s mission and worked to make the program fit our needs. IT was “scary” awesome how accurate the self-assessment tool played out and caused me to open my eyes, not only from my perspective on the board, but also in everyday life and work!

I overly recommend talking to Dr. Miles about you or your board’s needs!”

Gerry Maiatico
1st Vice President
Virginia Fire Prevention Association

"[Dave's] training is far superior and more useful than most.

Dr. Dave gives you a comprehensive guide that helps you understand your driving motivators and behaviors, and thereby be a better communicator and a more effective leader. Between the assessments and interactive workshop, it was a real game-changer not only for me but for me staff as well. We came away with better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, and how best to interact with one another. … The training is priceless. I highly recommend Dr. Dave’s dynamic training for anyone who is looking to understand better what drives them and how to harness that knowledge.”

Nancy Silva
Association Executive
Blue Ridge Association of Realtors

"I am a better business owner and a better manager and friend as a direct result of Dr. Dave's program.

Dr. Dave came to my office and presented me with a very simple questionnaire to fill out. After reviewing the results he sat down with me and offered some amazing insights into my personal and professional strengths as well as some of my managerial ‘pain points.’ After presenting his overview of my traits, he offers specific and realistic approaches to different types of people and different types of business situations that are unique to me, and very effective. I recommend him and his service to everyone I know!”

Pete Lawrence
Owner of Right at Home

Dr. Dave Miles and his team has experience you can trust.

Dr. Dave Miles is an experienced small business owner, leader, former career fire department Lieutenant/Paramedic, EMS Supervisor, and EMS Senior Management who understands having to make decisions in critical and life-threatening circumstances. 

He understands the enjoyment of working in a highly motivated team environment as well as the frustration of working with cross-functional teams that lack effective communication.

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership concentrating in Human Resource Development, Dr. Dave has extensive training in improving an organization’s performance through developing their leaders, teams, and staff.

He understands both the research-based theory and evidence-based practice of how teams work and can select the best tools to meet each team’s needs.

Ready to build a productive and highly engaged organization?

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Schedule a call with Dr. Dave to discuss your unique organizational and individual challenges and goals.



Partner with Dr. Dave to diagnose the issues and design a customized plan for your organization.


Dr. Dave will guide your team as the plan is executed step-by-step.

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Reboarding in the Workplace

Staying connected as a team is challenging, whether your team is working in-person, remote, or a mix of both.

In this ebook you’ll be guided on how to:


Reconsider your culture


Reconnect your organization


Re-engage your team

Download this short guide and learn what what leaders & workers need to know about reboarding.