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Helping leaders build engaged and productive teams.

If you’re like most leaders, creating a motivated team seems challenging at times.


You don't have the time.

With your daily responsibilities, it isn’t possible to personally train everyone on your staff.



The issues are complex.

When it comes to improving communication and motivation within the organization, sometimes it’s hard to even know where to start.



Staff turnover is costly.

Recruiting and retaining staff is increasingly difficult once employees start leaving, making it nearly impossible to achieve professional growth and the organization’s long-term goals. 


Teams have a trust deficit.

Leaving communication problems unchecked will be frustrating to both employees and managers, creating a culture of confusion, trust deficit, and turnover in your teams.


Dr. Dave is a leadership & organizational development consultant who helps business leaders identify and solve the costly problems of poor employee engagement and high turnover.

He can identify the major causes for communication friction within your team and will partner with you every step of the way to implement a customized plan and get your team back on track.

As a result of his customized training, your staff will have clarity regarding their role in the company’s future and be motivated to play their part.  Leaders will be able to communicate across all departments and teams in order to make the company’s mission a reality.

Here is how Dr. Dave builds engaged and productive teams.


Consulting Services

Dr. Dave will assess your team, division, or entire organization with some of the latest in organizational diagnostic tools to identify the sources of conflict and tension.  Leaders will receive a thorough evaluation of their leadership skills and honest feedback for how they need to improve.


Executive Coaching

When working one-on-one with Dr. Dave, leaders receive clarity and guidance for improving their performance through a weekly process of coaching, action steps, and accountability. 


Group Leadership Training

Staff at all levels develop through leadership assessments, group leadership, communication training, coaching, and various workshops. Each training is custom designed for groups of 4-16 people.


Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Miles is a professional speaker, member of the National Speakers Association, a speaker with the John Maxwell Team, and an advanced communicator with Toastmasters International. He can deliver customized presentations on key pain points your organization is facing.

Dr. Dave Miles is an experienced small business owner with a Ph.D in Organizational Leadership.

Dr. Dave Miles is an experienced small business owner and retired fire department Lieutenant who understands the enjoyment of working in a highly motivated team environment as well as the frustration of working with cross-functional teams that lack effective communication.
With a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and as a certified executive coach, Dr. Dave has extensive training in organizational leadership and development. He understands both the theory and practice of how teams work and can select the best tools to meet each team’s needs.

Ready to build a motivated and productive team?

Here’s how it works.

Schedule a call with Dr. Dave to discuss your unique organizational and individual challenges and goals.
Partner with Dr. Dave to diagnose the issues and design a customized plan for your organization.
Dr. Dave will guide your team as the plan is executed step-by-step.

Step 1.

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Reboarding in the Workplace

Staying connected as a team is challenging, whether your team is working in-person, remote, or a mix of both.

In this ebook you’ll be guided on how to:


Reconsider your culture


Reconnect your organization


Re-engage your team

Download this short guide and learn what what leaders & workers need to know about reboarding.
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